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We develop applications for cell-phones. We develop in java and kotlin for Android and swift and obj-c for iOS. These are native programming languages and that’s why our applications are totally optimized in the context of hardware asset usage, battery, compatibility with system and take full advantage of device capability and give you large range of possibilities for implementation of all your ideas.


server solutions
(api + admin)

We develop applications for Highload Systems. We develop applicative admin panels with user-friendly interface and adaptive usability. We work with such stack as php+mysql, python+django, js node+mongodb. Also we can work with frameworks laravel/yii2.


website development

We develop business card websites, multipage corporative portals, web-stores and landing pages. Mobile phone application and website operating together is a complex decision for business. There’s no need to search for developers of web-sites and applications in different places. We can perform everything on a turnkey basis. For layout we use js, angular, html/css.

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mobile design
and website

We create design in photoshop and sketch. It means, that we can create presentable adaptive appearance for any web-sites and applications. We will draw a dynamic online-model in marvel or invision to give customer opportunity to look at the future web-site appearance. This way our clients get what they need.

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We chose the studio for a long time to develop our site. We conceived a non-standard functional and were not sure if someone would cope with this task. This studio inspired confidence, especially the reviews about them are everywhere and 95% positive. We decided to order from them. Satisfied with 100%. Our tasks have been fulfilled in full. In addition, we received many useful recommendations from the staff, which made our site even more convenient. You can be sure, this studio treats work very responsibly, employees understand the meaning and essence of the site, do everything to improve it. Already recommend to friends and relatives, this studio. To all readers I also recommend this company for the embodiment of your fantasies into reality)))

- CEO Alex

I found the guys Neonov Design through the Internet and I did not regret for a minute that I gave the project to them. There are several reasons why I am satisfied with the work of the Neonov Design team, but perhaps the most important is their attitude to the project. At first I was pleasantly impressed by the fact that before the work began they had done a serious preparatory work - analysis of the niche and competitors. I did not have much time to follow the development, and then the Neon team again showed themselves with a very positive side - they kept me up to date and if they needed something on my part they showed little perseverance until they got the necessary information . I asked them to do a revision with the functionality of wholesale prices on the site, they are in spite of without additional. cost me it done. Thanks for the work you've done!

- With respect, Oksana, the founder of the Atrium

We decided to create an online store. But there was no knowledge in this field at all. Long chose the studio for development. Called up with several managers of different companies. Decided to stop at the company Apricode and were very satisfied. The work was completed in time and qualitatively. If we could not decide with something, the manager always helped us, prompted good decisions.

- CEO Night-Flower

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